A destiny of beauty

Idea, material and work. In the heart of Tuscany, there is a place where these words take shape. A place where people make jewellery with an artist’s love and a craftsman’s dedication. Giovanni Raspini has been transforming creative excellence into precious artefacts for fifty years.

The creative thought of Giovanni Raspini

The architect and designer Giovanni Raspini represents the style and the highly unique character of the brand. His work represents the roots of classic design blended with contemporary elements, with an eye turned towards the future.

“In the goldsmith’s art, the idea is like the wind of an intuition, of a daydream. It is unique and one of a kind.”

Giovanni Raspini

The allure of fire and the strength of silver

In our workshops, we sculpt ideas to turn the whole world into a piece of jewellery. We create objects of striking emotional impact thanks to age-old crafting techniques. Each of our creations is handcrafted with care and passion in Italy.

From the idea to the creation

A story of beauty and passion

Our story has distant roots: we are the result of the steps we’ve taken on a wonderful journey in search of the beauty we want to share with those who choose to see the world through our eyes.

From its origins to today: the history of the company

The roots of our world

Tuscany is synonymous with style and excellence, which is why we feel invested with a great responsibility. Every day, we strive to protect and carry on the beauty that this land has produced over the centuries.

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