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New opening in Venice

New opening in Venice


| 24 April 2019

Giovanni Raspini moves to Mercerie dell’Orologio.

The Giovanni Raspini flagship store in Venice makes a step change and moves in Mercerie dell'Orologio, the street of luxury shopping that leads to Piazza San Marco. The brand leaves the previous location in Ponte di Rialto, finding new vital spaces.

The Mercerie are the oldest commercial artery of the city, where the historical fabric and canvas shops of the port’s golden age are now replaced by the most important fashion and design brands. New and bright "showcase" counters for jewels and a large lightbox give life and depth to the store; a better space management improves the sense of pleasantness and hospitality.

The Giovanni Raspini store enjoys a privileged view of the city’s cosmopolitan walk. A true microcosm dedicated to the necessary luxury, celebrating the combination of the Tuscan brand's excellence and the timeless beauty of one of the most glorified cities in the world.

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