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Every day, we are surrounded by an outstanding historical, cultural and environmental heritage synonymous with excellence and beauty throughout the world. This is why those who maintain and perpetuate an artistic and artisan tradition, such as that of Tuscany, have a great responsibility.

In the land that was the birthplace of the Renaissance, the art of the goldsmith has a significant and unparalleled history, as old as it is precious, with roots dating back to the earliest Etruscan settlements. The art form has continued over the centuries, reaching us through artefacts and manufacturing techniques that are the heritage of our company.

For years, we have been facing a challenge with love and passion; to uphold and safeguard the cultural heritage that has turned Made in Tuscany into a distinctive brand of contemporary quality, synonymous with the style and attention to detail that only a few other places can express with comparable mastery.

Our commitment to protecting this region and bringing its wonders into the world has often seen us in the front line with activities designed to preserve and enhance works of art and monuments that are a tangible expression of the beauty we pursue in each of our products.

Giovanni Raspini's projects for the region

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