For over fifty years, the brand has strived with passion and professionalism to give beauty a new form: Giovanni Raspini positions itself as an innovative leader in the silver jewellery sector while maintaining close links with its local community and the great Tuscan goldsmithing tradition.

For some time now, our focus has been on an even more ambitious goal: on the one hand, to further improve our environmental impact and care for the local area, and on the other, to anchor our growth to a mindset predicated on professional respect, reliability and total compliance. Moreover, our goals include even more sustainable working conditions and an enhancement of human capital, with improved social impact and inclusion initiatives to benefit our employees.

Our Sustainability Report tells the story of who we are today and sets out our roadmap for the future – a guaranteed commitment to all concerned. Albeit in constant evolution and burdened with ever-increasing and complex challenges, the path to sustainability is the only conscientious and sensible one open to us.

Sustainability Report

Our people

A community of people pursuing a common goal, united every day by their passion for what they do: this is the world of Giovanni Raspini. Over 150 individuals who are employees second and people first and foremost, and as such, the company's most important resource.

Rooted in respect for the individual, sustainability is a fundamental principle that underpins the entire spectrum of the company's activities. The brand actively promotes gender equality and is committed to maintaining a fair and inclusive work environment. Moreover, one of our fundamental cornerstones is investing in the growth and development of all our employees. From the onboarding phase onwards, we offer support and guidance through targeted mentoring programmes, ensuring a pathway of continuous learning.

The planet

Simply following environmental laws and directives is not enough. Ongoing commitment is needed to preserve the beauty that we have borrowed from future generations. The company has taken many decisions to implement effective, sustainable practices, thus reducing our environmental impact, although there is still a long way to go. For this very reason, the company has implemented a series of initiatives such as the installation of photovoltaic systems and the reduction of our plastic footprint in all outbound logistics thanks to alternative solutions.

The product

Giovanni Raspini jewellery is handcrafted entirely in our company workshops: each production stage is scrupulously supervised to achieve a “high-value supply chain” that ensures the excellence demanded of the product. Each piece is fashioned by hand in Tuscany and is designed and built to last. Furthermore, with a view to enhancing product lifecycle, the company is committed to extending the durability of its items through a repair system, in contrast to the prevailing planned obsolescence trends.

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Protecting our heritage

“I have strong ties to my local area, the Tuscan Valdichiana and the ancient city of Arezzo, to which I am indebted for its beauty and history. As such, I have always tried to do something to protect its artistic and cultural heritage.” These words from Giovanni Raspini tell us that loving your local area means, above all, making a practical commitment to preserving its beauty and memory. The company is committed to promoting cultural appreciation events, restoration projects, initiatives dedicated to young people and the world of work, and important events related to the region and its goldsmithing tradition.

Restoration of an Orazio Porta painting
Restoration of the medieval tower of Petroio (Siena)

This journey has just begun, and despite the numerous initiatives underway, we know that our commitment will not end here. For this reason, our goal is to continue reaching new milestones that will consolidate our reputation and enable us to maintain our commitments over time in terms of product quality, managing our environmental impact, and the health and safety of our workers.

Sustainability Report

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