A conception of beauty

Giving new form to the beauty that surrounds us is the mission that Giovanni Raspini, architect and designer, pursues with passion and dedication.

"My eyes are filled with beautiful things, and I want to share them with people who are part of my world, people who share my enthusiasm".

Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini is driven by the desire to create sustainable, sincere and contemporary luxury. His creations reflect a continuous confrontation, a dialogue between idea and material, between a visionary dream and the practical expertise of bygone craftsmen.

A clear and signature sense of style is reflected across the collections of jewellery, charms and household objects. The dialogue between the best of traditional Italian goldsmithing and the desire to create new designs finds its place in creative workshops. The primordial idea, by means of fire and the skilful hands of artisans, gives rise to exquisite artefacts.

The Tuscan designer's jewellery combines natural concepts and clean lines, exploring figurative worlds and material textures with grace and style, elevating him to the rank of a cutting-edge leader in silver jewellery making over the years.

The world of Giovanni Raspini is, first and foremost, a community of people united by their dedication and love for what they do every day. These professionals strive for excellence, drawing inspiration from the beauty of a region, Tuscany, a centre of creative excellence.

The territory

"Silver, with its ever-changing light, is a noble and exquisite means of bringing the value of new worldly ideas into contact with people's skin and lives."

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