On Jewels: the art of creating jewellery

In a new book, Giovanni Raspini recounts the secrets, techniques and lifelong passion for the ancient art of goldsmithing.


| 4 Oct 2022

Giovanni Raspini, who has dedicated his life to designing ornaments and jewels, tells of the secrets, techniques and passion that have nurtured humankind's centuries-old, almost primordial desire to adorn our bodies. Published by Giunti Editore, On Jewels is a book rich in images and suggestions, a reference work in the field of jewellery writing, a book that deserves prominence on the shelves of all enthusiasts or those who are just starting their journey in this exciting world of sparkling beauty.

The text draws on the personal experience of the Tuscan master jeweller and explores the major facets of the world of jewellery and its art in an authoritative and reputable style. From the beginnings all the way to production techniques, creative inspirations, marketing trends and sales strategies.

"This project" says Giovanni Raspini "to which I devoted much time and dedication, could not have found a better partner than Giunti Editore – so professional and attentive to every detail. It has been my pleasure and an honour to work with them."

Throughout its more than 200 pages, On Jewels accompanies the reader in discovering a universe that has always interacted with that of all cultures and societies. Creation, craftsmanship, but also grand jewellery maisons and the market. A wonderful journey sprinkled with anecdotes, interesting facts and references.

"In contemporary jewellery, precious and non-precious are now categories of the past: in fact, what really counts is brand identity, the concept and the designer goldsmith's creative vision."

Giovanni Raspini

The volume is available for purchase in the best bookshops.

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