The Seaworld
Jewels born from the sea to appeal to a determined, sophisticated woman
a woman who loves the lunar reflections of silver, enhanced by
the plastic strength of its design.
Southern Sea
The embroidery of the silver coral is combined with pearls with opalescent reflections. Elegance is reborn.
Sea waves crash and shine with new colours.
Blue, water green and all the precious light of silver.
The large Coral necklace, the pendants, the bangles, earrings and rings: made of casting and electroforming, tell us about Giovanni Raspini's extraordinary talent in creating jewellery of absolute beauty, in which the silver seems a flowing material, turned alive, by interlacing coral branches.
Magical creatures in the backwash of the time.
Stars falling overboard from a sky much too high, shining for the metal of the Moon and burnished as ancient fossils.
Stars in friendship with bracelets, with earrings and necklaces. Lonely stars for rings, charms and pendants. Sculptures in Silver for those who love sea life.
Golden Sea
The Mediterranean Sea in a golden afternoon: the waves, the sand, and a handful of sparkling sea stars and shells.