The new Spring and Summer jewels for 2018
New beauty for fashion jewellery.

Style and sincerity: Giovanni Raspini jewellery. The Tuscan brand's new 2018 Spring Summer collection clearly demonstrates the company's desire for creative continuity, which is fully expressed in the classic and contemporary elements of its mood: naturalistic subjects created through lost wax casting with a burnished finish, that can be perceived and appreciated in every detail of each piece of jewellery.

Wild Rose finds its beauty in the contrast between burnished silver and pink opal. The fascinating natural stone is the protagonist of a jewel that combines tradition and modernity with a naturalistic-floral style, rendering it highly iconic of the brand. Femininity and neo-romanticism. 

Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but ever since the opening of the Mayfair boutique in London, the brand's creativity often looks to the Anglo-Saxon world for inspiration. This is precisely the case in The Queen, the jewel that represents the classic crown theme with absolutely unique volumes and perspectives.

Silver drops and natural stones such as rock crystal, yellow-amber quartz and massive amethyst. Silver's lunar light plays against the fascinating shades of the stones rich in inclusions. Drops alternates these two precious aspects, thanks also to the insertion of moulded plastic elements.

Oxford represents three differently sized chains elaborated into four necklaces and two bracelets. Entirely handmade, rhodium-plated and ultra-bright, they depict an elegant rhythm and great volume. When several items are worn together, perhaps by overlapping or joining them, a strong and young element is added to the classic offer of Giovanni Raspini silver chains, one of the brand's leitmotifs.

The three beautiful Perlage Rings rings create a dialogue between natural stones with a cabochon cut and a decorative, silver sphere element, framing them within a setting. Rock crystal with sodalite (dominant blue), rutilated quartz (dominant gold) and rose quartz (dominant pink): very bright stones which are each different from the other and feature iridescent inclusions, for jewellery full of style and personality.

The Vanitas line offers creations designed for those who love transgressive beauty and contemporaneity. Ten pieces have been selected from the great Vanitas Mundi exhibition created by Giovanni Raspini at the end of 2017. The skull icon depicts neo-Gothic glamour and is used here in an ironic, pop interpretation which becomes a fun celebration of life in the hands of the Tuscan silversmith.