The exhibition-event "Superbangles" opens the new store of Giovanni Raspini in Milan.
May 9th 2013, in Corso Monforte 7.

The latest temptation of Giovanni Raspini, or the twentyone Superbangles created for celebrating the opening of the exclusive boutique of the Tuscan brand in the St Babila quarter (of Milan). Unique pieces, a limited edition, made in silver 925 and enrichened with semiprecious stones, coral, feathers, tusks in shell, rock crystal and silver decorations.

High fashion in jewelry to announce the fantastic world of the Tuscan silversmih: plasticity, freshness and joy to wear on your arm as the quintessence of beauty, with a strong identity and an amazing style. The Superbangle exhibition will have its debut on May the 9th in Milan, then it will follow the route of exclusive stores and boutiques that have chosen Giovanni Raspini as their main brand.