The new 2019 Spring Summer jewels
The many inspirations for beauty.

Contemporary beauty and Giovanni Raspini, namely the new Spring Summer 2019 collection. Two are the great inspirations chosen for the new season. The classical animalier theme on one side, and the sea universe: two ancient souls, yet topical, that Giovanni Raspini rediscovers and explores each time with a freshness and an absolutely personal style. 

Nautilus tells a fascinating marine and submarine world. Many elegant and figurative elements chasing each other harmoniously. Corals, madrepores, shells, anemones: an entire reef that becomes a jewel, naturally incorporating the deep and iridescent blue of the noble opal dubbed with rock crystal.

Light is the first thing that strikes in Panthera. A hand-hammered tubular element on which lies a smooth and shiny silver feline. The contrast between the support and the animalier protagonist creates an effect of great visual impact and elegance.

And then Paillettes, which shows itself in all its lightness, sense of movement and great brightness. Composed of a myriad of small silver lenticular elements, Paillettes ensures an extremely harmonious look, wrapping the body like a second skin.

As a corollary of the three main collections, Giovanni Raspini creates a young jewel, born for a multiple wear. Mini Bowl is the bracelet made of many hammered silver balls, which comes in eight different types. The jewel is inspired by the Super Bowl collection, and despite its small size it retains all the brightness and elegance typical of the moon metal.