New 2015/16 Fall Winter collection
The representative style of the brand, married with the most innovative and fresh ideas of the present.

Creativity, research and elegance: these are the imperatives of Giovanni Raspini’s Fall Winter collections. Four collections which mix the animalier textures with stylized elements, coloured stones with the traditional plastic quality of silver.

The Crocodile collection presents in new forms the most classical, loved and recognized of the brand’s decorative elements: the crocodile skin texture. A macro collection with a strong impact, dedicated to a strong-willed woman with a powerful personality. The mix of mesh and textured animal print burnished highlights the inherent beauty of silver, for a jewel that lives with emotion.

With Blue Orchid, Giovanni Raspini creates a collection of great charm and delicacy. Silver volutes of a vegetable and organic matrix, echoing Art Nouveau styles, which welcome sapphire coloured quartz stones expertly carved as drops: a memory reinterpreted with a bright, romantic femininity.

Air is lightness, a gust of wind, rainbow drops. A collection born from the contrast between the abstract and the natural, lightness of the jewel and the materiality of the lost wax fusion. Here are the concentric geometries of various dimensions, ethereal and luminous, contemporary, yet antique, for a light dream of beauty.

Navette, again a timeless jewel. The navette cut is a classic in diamonds. A cut that gives light and colour, with a classical geometry reinterpreted in the shape of a pendant or ring. The elegance of quartz in its three colours: yellow, water blue and pale green, combined with a décor of tulips, of coral, of leaves.

The new Fall Winter collections by Giovanni Raspini, beauty and necessary luxury from the heart of Tuscany.