The champagne buckets by Giovanni Raspini
A must in silver and bronzobianco, a celebration exhibition.

A Giovanni Raspini champagne bucket to tell the pleasure of conviviality and the art of hospitality. Artefacts in silver or bronzobianco (the alloy tested and developed by the company until reaching perfection) unique for their plastic value and design research. Born from fire and from the metal’s luminous strength, completely made with the ancient technique of lost wax casting, the classic glacette line of the Tuscan brand has always been a constant success determined by the excellence of the work and the creativity of the project. Today, the brand has decided to celebrate its champagne buckets with a dedicated exhibition, in order to recount both the “historical” items on catalogue, and to present a new series of buckets made for the occasion, unique pieces or in limited edition. Here then are the eternal classics such as the Crocodile bucket, the Grapes bucket, the Tigers, Medusa and Skull. And of course the new unique pieces, including the Monkeys champagne bucket, the Lobster, Snails, Scorpions, and Sea. Functional objects, with wonderful animalier decorations, that fuse classical tradition with elements of contemporary design. Objects expressing the essence of beauty. 

Giovanni Raspini and its champagne buckets: a company that confirms itself leader in decorative home items just by virtue of the pursuit of functionality and elegance. A new world of creation and hard work, for a continuously evolving concept. Because owning a Giovanni Raspini champagne bucket means entering into the history of design.

The exhibition "Champagne Buckets" will be presented as a preview on May the 13th, during the Arezzo new headquater's inauguration party; and official on the 1st of June on the famous Pampelonne Beach, during the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show, where the brans is sponsor and author of the exclusive trophies.