2016 ADV campaign
A new mood for Giovanni Raspini advertising campaign.

Breaking the mold, to give new sensations, offering a fresh and unconventional image. These are the goals for Giovanni Raspini 2016 advertising campaign. The result is a concept that can magically reconcile the different souls of the Spring Summer 2016 collection, so impeccably contemporary.

Giovanni Raspini’s woman, represented by the face and very special class of the German model Valeria Smirnova, is a confident, sophisticated woman and a true interpreter of a style that fully lives in the present. Author of the shots is photographer Lucia Giacani, one of the most important professionals in the fashion industry, who wanted to play much on the effect of light/shadow on jewellery, but also on the girl’s skin and even the peculiar background of prospective volumes in gray. Not a flat light, then, but one that emphasizes and values shadows, thus building a dynamic and modern, minimalist set, yet full of depth and beauty. Again the same mood for hairstyle, a cheeky and irregular hair trim, and a make-up of great intensity.

These are the new silver collections Spring Summer 2016: Leopard, more aggressive, the animalier par excellence, and Ginkgo romantic and lithe, and again the wonderful Rings with coloured stones. A promise of beauty that comes from Giovanni Raspini’s creativity and tradition in the elegance of a great Tuscan brand.