Flagship store opens in Florence
The encounter between Florence and Giovanni Raspini is now a reality.

Via Porta Rossa 82R is the address of excellence and luxury, home of the new boutique of Giovanni Raspini in the city of art and beauty, right in the heart of the fashion district. In front of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, the Palazzo Ferroni Ferragamo and the Palazzo Strozzi, just around the corner from Via Tornabuoni leads in Via Porta Rossa, Giovanni Raspini flagship store is in perfect line with the mood of the brand style, rich of suggestions and contemporary creativity.

One more surprise: due to the significant location in Florence, the boutique boasts a personalized furniture, with a real living room that makes it an ideal meeting place, full of beauty and culture, complete with a tapestry of the fifteenth century on the walls.Minimalism and classic mingle in a setting of design that highlights the different lines and collections through the eternal dialogue between black and white. Exclusive boutique and concept stores, the new store offers an opportunity to see both the silver (which made historical the brand) , both contemporary jewelry and household items made in the noble league of Bronzobianco.

Opening Thursday, November 28th from 18.00, in a warm and exclusive space where they will be welcomed VIPs and personalities from the world of fashion and jewelery. In the city where the crafts and applied arts have always demonstrated an extraordinary vitality, Giovanni Raspini shows his collections with their unique character and their absolute style.

A summit meeting between the Tuscan silversmith's necessary luxury and Florence, timeless icon of contemporary beauty.