Co-marketing with Benetti Yacht
A co-marketing of excellences.

A top-level executive meeting with a group of excellences for a stunning photo shoot on board the Bistango, seventy-two metres of innovation and beauty. Giovanni Raspini, Benetti, the stylist Renato Balestra and Taccetti one of Italy's premium footwear brands on the one hand, the model Eva Bohatova, the photographer Leonardo Beglieri and the stylist Filippo Lapi on the other, together on the yacht deisgned by Stefano Natucci. A concentrate of classic styles revisited and technology: with a next generation dome-type system that manages life on board. Co-branding does not reveal mysteries but creates new, fascinating ones. Let's go back on board and move to the large set table, shining with Giovanni Raspini's silverware. The creations of the Tuscan silversmith's stand on out against the back table-cloth: animalier trays, cutlery, knives with salmon handle, under-plates, decorated with shells, jugs, sea saltcellars, large forks and candelabras: a triumph of reflections and wealth. Giovanni Raspini tell us: "Boats are convival. Receving guests and setting the tables means throwing a party, staying with one's friends with whom you feel most at home also in the midst of the sea".