Home is the new world of Giovanni Raspini, for art to display at home that thrives on contemporary beauty and elegance, composed of animalier creatures and corroborated by the energy of cast metal.  Frames, champagne buckets, diffusers for ambient fragrances: artefacts with a refined identity, for a concept in continuous evolution. The collections made through the ancient lost-wax casting technique feature works shaped to celebrate the beauty and work of mankind, to give the home value and make it even more welcoming. These refined works are made of silver or bronzobianco, the noble alloy created by Giovanni Raspini.


Giovanni Raspini frames are like bright windows on the world. Memories, affections, fragments of life that combine with infinite decorations to frame a beloved smile. Luminous textures made using the lost-wax casting technique give life to volumes and skilful sculptural renderings, embracing the tenderest memories that dwell inside our hearts. 

Champagne Buckets

Silver or bronzobianco sculptures with a contemporary flavour give life to the Giovanni Raspini Champagne Buckets. A masterpiece of manufacturing and craftsmanship to light up the table and the finest social moments. These imposing objects, as classic as great vintages, fuse traditional elements and the most innovative style. 

Home Fragrances

Intoxicating your home with Giovanni Raspini ambient fragrances means imprinting an indelible memory on that place and giving it a soul. These objects with a highly refined design combine the most intense aromas to characterise the environments we love most and which provide a welcome at all times. 

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