The unmistakable style of Giovanni Raspini and the finest craftmanship is reflected in the iconic frames. These objects, highly admired for their luminous and figurative textures, are part of the brand's history and its DNA. They are all meticulously made with the ancient lost-wax casting technique and distinguished by different styles and designs. Butterflies, flowers and charming little putti are shaped from metal to decorate the rooms we love. These refined works are made of silver or bronzobianco, the noble alloy created by Giovanni Raspini.

Giovanni Raspini frames are the ideal gift for unforgettable occasions: a timeless present for a wedding or baptism, to frame a perfect moment and make it an indelible memory. Whether they contain the smiles of a mother and daughter or a warm embrace between two friends, the iconic Daisies Frames are the product best suited for encapsulating all the joyful vitality of our loved ones' affection. 

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