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Beauty is born anew with the new 2021 advertising campaign

Giovanni Raspini's new 2021 campaign


| 09 April 2021

Beauty that is reborn in the shimmering depths of the imagination. A visual narrative that flows between dreams and reality, treading that fine line between what we desire and what we already possess, between pursuit and presence, between truth and imagination: This is the concept underlying the new Giovanni Raspini 2021 advertising campaign.

The campaign will be launched in April across all key media, including broadcast television, and it showcases the Tuscan jewellery brand’s identity like never before. The concept’s purity of message is designed to touch hearts and minds in a deep and enduring way. The new Spring Summer collection pays homage to the sophisticated elegance of silver with exquisite textures, seemingly sculpted by light. The animal-inspired forms of the Skin collection cleverly capture movement and let the wearer’s imagination take flight. The campaign seeks to establish a virtuous dialogue between three components: Women, jewellery and water, that natural element that sustains us all. Water symbolises life, strength and rebirth, yet is also synonymous with mystery and magic. For the campaign photography, Giovanni Raspini sought a model who is cosmopolitan yet approachable and above all, genuine.

After an extensive casting process, Barbara Shilova was selected to represent the campaign. She was photographed in a series of timelessly elegant black outfits and simple make-up, which perfectly captured her aura of authenticity and effortless beauty.

The photoshoot was conducted by professional fashion and art photographer Lucia Giacani, who successfully created a wonderful dynamic and gently luminous chromatic balance. Giuseppe Biancullo was entrusted with the direction of the TV commercial and the result perfectly conveys the dreamlike ambience of the campaign concept. Giovanni Raspini’s 2021 campaign tells a story of beauty with simplicity and spontaneity; it embodies the unique style and excellence for which Tuscany is renowned.

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