A growing forest. Life, intense and luxuriant, yearning for the soft touch of the sun. A thousand shades of green that move in harmony with the breath of Mother Earth. Amazonia is much more than a jewel.
Moon Flower
A flower formed from precious material. Burnished silver meets the wonderful, iridescent reflections of what poets call moonlight stone.
It moves in the wind whispering emotions and beauty. The Bamboo is like that love that never breaks.
Daisies and Butterflies
Happy childhood memory of an infant world, they flex or float in the wind.
On the ground, in the air, shards of a genuine beauty to be re discovered every day.
Sincere heart-warming flowers. It is our spring to wear, a horizon of silver petals and simple stories in the endless green.
Silver wings, precious matter that turns into light.
Butterflies is the perfect jewel, made for those who love freedom.
The tree of life
A silver jewel, eternal like beauty. An ancient and contemporary symbol, the tree is strong and full of life. Every day, it protects those who carry it.
Wild Rose
The delicate elegance of the pink opal mixed with the emotion of a silver rose. The eternal scent of beauty on your skin.
A light and elegant jewel like leaves floating in the air. The charm of the living fossil that has conquered time, silver eternity.
Blue Orchid
In the name of a legendary beauty, pure light that illuminates the forest. The deep blue, protected by a silver hug.