The world's oldest thrill. A jewel with a warm golden light, created to dream, and worn every day to experience beauty.
Super Bowl
Light is everything. The same, incomparable, of the hand-hammered silver. Iconic beauty that illuminates the faces. Shimmering reflections on precious textures, like flashes of distant stars.
Blue Note
Reflections of gold and deep blue.
At any time of day or night, for those who live intensely every moment.
A scent of sandalwood and cardamom, tiger eye and pearl drops. The long chains of the Maharajas and Mughal-inspired jewelery, Bollywood, the Ganges and the sacred elephant. India is all you can call imagination. Giovanni Raspini's dream becomes the precious material you want, and wear, a play of golden hues that lightens faces and strokes odies wrapped in rustling silks.