Milky Way
To look at the night sky and discover a jewel.
Silver emotions and moonlight reflections.
Super Bowl
Light is everything. The same, incomparable, of the hand-hammered silver. Iconic beauty that illuminates the faces. Shimmering reflections on precious textures, like flashes of distant stars.
Contrasts of beauty to wear on bare skin. The charm of a sunrise reflected in the great ocean: opalescent shades of pink and green, gray and blue-eyed for a jewel that wins over time.
From the inspiration of champagne bubbles, a flow of silver spheres chase each other for a result of great class and lightness, as in the most magical of Summer nights.
Every woman loves the most beautiful jewel. Colourful and transparent stones play with silver spheres.
Contemporary craftsmanship.
I wanted to be a queen. Like a timeless fairy tale, or a woman of the future. The magical power of a crown that is carved and chiselled in burnished silver.
The wealth of the world as a precious jewel. Profiles, eagles and coats of arms printed and cast in silver. Old treasures in the chest of time.
Jewellery carved from the infinite light. Sincere simulacra of a perfect love, which vibrate to the beat of a true heart. And this is enough to make you happy.