A sheet of silver beaten by hand.
A punch that writes like ink.
A simple jewel to tell our lives and our dreams.
Ancient as graffiti on stone, contemporary as a virtual flow, it’s Tattoo Bangle, the new silver jewel by Giovanni Raspini.
Almost as a trusted friend, your Tattoo can tell everything about you, or conceal it as the most precious of secrets.

A jewel to recount to ourselves and to the world what is most important and vital.

Because giving a name to things, to people and feelings, is the greatest gift that we have ever been granted. Create your Tattoo Bangle
Choose between the slim or maxi bracelet.

Letters and symbols are completely customizable.
…are you ready to invent your Tattoo Bangle?
The marks of the hammer used to beat the metal, the uneven and living texture, the signs of letters and symbols. Tattoo Bangle bears, like intense scars, the traces of this contemporary craftsmanship.