Milky Way
To look at the night sky and discover a jewel.
Silver emotions and moonlight reflections.
Every woman loves the most beautiful jewel. Colourful and transparent stones play with silver spheres.
Contemporary craftsmanship.
Canal St
Contemporary and minimalist elegance.
Wonderful effects of light framing your face.
From the inspiration of champagne bubbles, a flow of silver spheres that run in the flute, creating games and shapes, like in the most romantic of Summer’s nights.
Like bright and light silver balls, Intrecci sparkle and protect you.
High Line
A silvery light that becomes matter, with the beauty of amethyst, sapphire and acquamarine colour.
Jewellery carved from the infinite light. Sincere simulacra of a perfect love, which vibrate to the beat of a true heart. And this is enough to make you happy.
The wealth of the world as a precious jewel. Profiles, eagles and coats of arms printed and cast in silver. Old treasures in the chest of time.
The interpretation of the classic theme of Crowns is updated with contemporary styles and delicate pop ideas. Crowns take almost a three-dimensional texture, thanks to a perfect workmanship in burnished silver.