Under the sea, life is dancing.
Deep creatures, bright of silver and iridescent pearls.
Supple joys to wear on the body.
All the primordial beauty of the deep ocean. Shells and corals carved in burnished silver. And blue iridescent eyes illuminated by the sun light.
Animal strength for a contemporary jewel that defies time. Bright silver to wear to feel elegant and beautiful. Every time.
Like a second skin, Paillettes offers vibrations made of pure light. Beauty that wraps the body and makes it precious.
Mini Bowl
The young bracelet that explores all the possibilities of multiplex wear. Small spheres in hammered silver or lava stone for a fresh and daily beauty.
The tree of life
A silver jewel, eternal like beauty. An ancient and contemporary symbol, the tree is strong and full of life. Every day, it protects those who carry it.