Light is everything. The same, incomparable, of the hand-hammered silver. Iconic beauty that illuminates the faces. Shimmering reflections on precious textures, like flashes of distant stars.
The charm of the mineral world becomes jewellery. Silver and gilded silver creations, engraved and sculpted by light. As old as our planet, yet highly contemporary.
Fire and silver create beauty. The sheet of metal is moulded and transformed by flames. Unique and unrepeatable alchemy results in a bracelet of ancestral power.
The particularity of hand-hammered silver, the elegance of large circular shapes. Simple and bright beauty of jewellery that makes minimalism its strong point.
Super Bowl
The hammered silver in various sizes and shapes gives volumes and textures that only Giovanni Raspini can realize.
Silver interweaving as light as clouds. A jewel-sculpture on the border between figurative and abstract. Joy, light and contemporary elegance.
I wanted to be a queen. Like a timeless fairy tale, or a woman of the future. The magical power of a crown that is carved and chiselled in burnished silver.
The wealth of the world as a precious jewel. Profiles, eagles and coats of arms printed and cast in silver. Old treasures in the chest of time.