The new jewels from the Spring Summer 2021 collection
Essence of form and movement for the elegance of tomorrow.

Form, beauty and brilliance. The new Spring Summer 2021 jewels collection further develops the brand's creative style on a path that aims to create a dialogue between traditional naturalistic/figurative inspiration and essentiality of the contemporary sign.

Skin is the season's iconic collection. Whether they are a sea creature's scales, snakeskin or feathers, the collection recounts how the forms take on movement and can repeat themselves in a lightweight and sinuous play. 

A silver thread is a very strong bond that never breaks: this is the metaphor of String, a minimalist and delicate collection, highlighted by the chiaroscuro effect.

Sicily asserts a wealth of typical summer-evoking signs, alternating pearls with delicate miniature castings. Shells, sea urchins, stars and luminous spherules: a small marine universe to carry with us at all times.

The Crocodile and Petra collections also feature new jewels; the first narrates the beauty of wild nature while the second combines the brightness of silver and the allure of the mineral world. Material textures sculpted by light extol the beauty of jewels with timeless glamour. Both collections are available in silver and gold-plated silver versions.

'Made in Italy' design and craftsmanship for unique creations from the heart of Tuscany.

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