A store in the charming Ligurian western Riviera
The 10th Giovanni Raspini store opens in Savona.

A brand new store for the Tuscan brand, the first in Liguria, opens this Fall in the city centre of Savona.

The Giovanni Raspini boutique in Savona, is located in Corso Italia, the main shopping street of the town, right besides the touristic harbour, one of the most important cruise stopover in Italy. The harmony with the brand’s most distinctive marks is perfect: a contemporary space that plays with the eternal dialogue between black and white, light and shadow, with the jewels displayed on the wall that runs through the room, a central peninsula dedicated to charms, and at the back a space for the homeware in silver and in white bronze. 

Finally the fascination of the Ligurian west Riviera meets the necessary luxury of Giovanni Raspini.

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