The new jewels of the Summer collection
A collection to emerge back into the light.

The Summer 2020 Collection is a message of continuity from the heart of Tuscany to say: "We are here!". Three new proposals that combine the contemporary freshness of silver with the tradition of Giovanni Raspini: Paris, Circle Pendants and the new Charms.

Paris is the iconic and must-have collection of the summer. A of bright silver interweaving that is chased with its inspiration between organic and geometric.
The Circle Pendants re-introduces the classic marine and floral themes repeated like a plot, framing them within a bright circle.
Last but not least, the new Charms. Here the color explodes with the 13 best sellers redesigned with a summer feel, inserting delicate stones of a thousand colours

The desire to restart, the desire for beauty and elegance for women everywhere.