2017 ADV campaign
Giovanni Raspini presents the new advertising campaign.

A strong, confident woman, yet enthusiastically romantic, who moves in a location with symbolic elements that recalls an interior no longer inhabited. A game of contrasts and similarities to recount the new collections by Giovanni Raspini: multiple identities, but one important soul. This is the mood of the 2017 Spring Summer campaign, where colour, the real novelty of this year, meets the eternal charm of time, in the metaphor of the transition and evolution of the Tuscan brand.

A complex project made possible by the talent and professionalism of photographer Lucia Giacani and of course the model chosen for the shooting: French Elodie Christ. The photo shoot sets in an abandoned interior, a space that is going through a moment of transition and transformation, with vestiges, signs of aging and textures that tell a story made of experience and emotions. A precious and ancient allure, also close to the processing of Giovanni Raspini jewels, a bit fané, but also rock, energetic, decidedly contemporary. Then styling: that of a female fashion made of geometric cuts and soft shapes, with bare skin ready to receive the silver jewellery. Playing on the combination of colour black, a recognizable trait of Giovanni Raspini, with other unusual and particular, elegant colours. And yet combed hair falling down behind the ears, with a languid and exciting make-up, for a series of unartificial poses. Everything seems natural, not forced, with looks that have expressiveness as their life force. A dark mood that captivates you.

Five collections chosen to represent Giovanni Raspini’s 2017 style. Ocean, where silver meets the colour of natural stones, Fiore d'Alba, with its spherical volumes, embellished with a decoration of flowers, Butterflies, the classic elegance made of delicate texture, Canal St, with the irregularity of shapes and hand-hammered surfaces, and finally Blue Note, the collection of gilded silver with entries in lapis lazuli paste and bronzite flakes.