La Gazette n. 33 - A Firenze
In my university times I made ends meet by dealing in antiques. I often purchased at the pawn shop of Florence, inside there were two great signs read: “VALUABLES” and “VARIOUS”. In short, you are either valuable or you are various. Today we are still there. We seek credibility by offering you valuable objects made of bronzobianco. Not made of silver. Objects which are precious on account of the way they are made, not for what they are made of. Follow us along an alleyway “south of the Arno”. In the den of Romanelli the sculptor. We have set the première of bronzobianco in an evocative place loaded with memories e fascination. We have returned home. In the Forence of craftsmen, sweating, strong, ironic and irascible. Here bronzobianco is at home. Florence is the fil rouge of this issue of our journal. Have a good read.