La Gazette n. 32 - About Tuscany
Dear friends, today we ‘re playing at home. We have to speak of Tuscany but don’t wish to be like some parents who overpraise their offspring for the good marks they get at school or for how they obey and behave well and so on and on. Here in this forsaken fringe of southern Tuscany, between Arezzo and Siena, the only advantage is that as soon as we go for a ride on bike (Claudio), or on vespa (Giovanni), we take only 30 seconds to find ourself in the midst the most beautiful countryside you can ever imagine. Stop. The rest is boredom, contrast, conflict. We are all set against each other and often against ourselves too. Let us not drag it out come to think that the first trait attributed to us Tuscans is measure, as they say. We do measure words and with meaured words present you this magazine.