La Gazette n. 31 - About MI
Some time ago we found a pack of photos among the clutter of an antique dealer. These were more beautiful than an antique painting or a fine period sculpture. So, we decided to show these to you for your own enjoyment, in our store in Corso Garibaldi, Milan, until the end of May 2011. They illustrate a raw, sweaty, 1960s’ Milan. They are the stage set photos of the original scenes of Visconti’s masterpiece “Rocco and His Brothers”, and... seeing is believing. Just as it is hard to buy, it is equally hard to offer something not trivial. We put ourselves to the test every day, applying self criticism and relentlessly seeking excellence. Today we bring to your attention the “Jungle” line of jewels. The world in which we all operate today is enough of an obstacle race if not a jungle. Carrying leopards and iguanas around the neck may seem excessive, but what about the string of pearls?... Do me a favour!