A growing forest. Life, intense and luxuriant, yearning for the soft touch of the sun. A thousand shades of green that move in harmony with the breath of Mother Earth. Amazonia is much more than a jewel.
Super Bowl
Light is everything. The same, incomparable, of the hand-hammered silver. Iconic beauty that illuminates the faces. Shimmering reflections on precious textures, like flashes of distant stars.
Contrasts of beauty to wear on bare skin. The charm of a sunrise reflected in the great ocean: opalescent shades of pink and green, gray and blue-eyed for a jewel that wins over time.
Silver light that is renewed in shapes and volumes. The classic theme of the chain for a young and sparkling wear. Contemporary beauty.
The male universe: decisive, strong, yet full of attention. Simple and beautiful like silver when it meets leather or stones. To reveal the whole inner world of a man without betraying his secret.