The new store in the middle of the Mediterranean
Giovanni Raspini opens in beautiful Crete.

Giovanni Raspini’s new boutique opens on Crete, in the beautiful city of Retymno, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, situated on the north coast just west of the "capital" of Heraklion.

The seasonal store is located in 148, Arkadiou, the most important street of the historic center and, in the April-October period, when shopping begins, it is teeming with tourists at every hour of the day. The city of Retymno boasts remarkable historical sites, ranging from the Minoan civilization to the Venetian supremacy and the Ottoman rule, all the way up to the extraordinary development of tourism during the post war period. Overlooking the sea, Retymno offers visitors the picturesque image of the port, equipped with an impressive lighthouse in white limestone that bisects the coast, not far from the beach of Stavros where the scene of the Sirtaki in Zorba the Greek was shot. Behind Retymno the foothills of lofty Mount Ida, with its 2456 meters of altitude it is the highest mountain of the island, famous for its wealth of fresh water and for the legendary cave of Zeus’s birth.

Tourists from around the world will be able to admire the new store of the Italian silver brand: a very large room, with two bright windows that overlook the shopping street. Featuring a minimalist decor, the store allows the organic presentation of the entire range: from jewellery to silver objects and Bronzobianco. Beauty made of light and metal for a unique signature style, or Giovanni Raspini’s contemporary brand of excellence.

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