Southern Sea
The embroidery of the silver coral is combined with pearls with opalescent reflections. Elegance is reborn.
Petit Perlage
A trail of luminous spheres chase each other for a result of great class and lightness, as in the most magical of Summer nights.
Super Bowl
The hammered silver gives volumes and textures that only Giovanni Raspini can realize. The light is captured... and returned in shimmering reflections that are full of charm.
Wild Rose
The delicate elegance of the pink opal mixed with the emotion of a silver rose. The eternal scent of beauty on your skin.
The Queen
I wanted to be a queen. Like a timeless fairy tale, or a woman of the future. The magical power of a crown that is carved and chiselled in burnished silver.
The natural light of crystal rock, amethyst and quartz meets that of silver. Eternal drops reminiscent of rain or dew. A beauty is born.
Perlage Rings
The best of Perlage style. Iridescent stones born out of the heart of the Earth coming together with a silver setting. Cabochon rings letting you dream while still awake.
The classic style is always in fashion. Here we find the simple wealth of overlapping oval rings running one after each other providing elegance. Bright handmade silver.