Ties of infinite beauty. Silver declined in the forms of contemporary tradition, chains and textures that become, themselves, beautiful jewellery.
A gust of wind, the lightness of the petals in the air, iridescent drops crossed by the rainbow. Precious rings linked by a common destiny.
The chain is a style that never goes out of fashion. This eternal jewellery is formed by links brimming with volumes and wonderful lines.
Dedicated to those who choose elegance and style. The future is already a classic.
A name that smells of mature aromas and flavours, made of quality time, professionalism and passion. Barrique stems from the memory of barrel hoops fitting, a strong and sincere symbol that characterizes the Tuscan countryside.

A silver to touch, which enriches the wearer as the fine oak barrels gives aromas, hints and new sensations to the great wines of yesterday and today.