Boutique Cortona
From Etruscan centre to city of tourism and beauty.
Ancient Etruscan lucumonia, now international tourism destination, Cortona is built in a dominant and spectacular position in the Tuscan Valdichiana, right on the border with Umbria. Situated right in the main street of the Tuscan city, the Via Nazionale that the locals affectionately call Rugapiana, at number 5, where the street opens in the spectacular Piazza della Repubblica (Piazza del Comune), the boutique is housed in an ancient residential building, in front of the historic café Signorelli. From March to October the ancient town centre turns into an optimum location for the upper-end tourism, making Cortona desirable for anyone who loves life, beauty and culture.
Opening hours
From Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 am - 6.00 pm.