This is my nature. Matilde Gioli for Giovanni Raspini

"This is my nature": Matilde Gioli for Giovanni Raspini

With its elegant, minimalist aesthetic, the new 2024 campaign is celebrating female strength with an exceptional brand ambassador.

Marking a new step in the evolution of its visual and communicative language, in a perfect synthesis of style and meaning, Giovanni Raspini has chosen Italian actress Matilde Gioli as its new testimonial. Matilde represents the strong, free and self-assured woman who finds self-expression in these signature pieces.

Director and photographer Alvaro Beaumud Cortés, who masterfully coordinated the entire campaign, was inspired by the concept “This is my nature”, which underscores Matilde's unique character and intrinsic qualities. For the TV commercial, the colours are elegant and characterful, revealing the quintessential nature of Matilde and the deep emotions common to every woman.

In its quest of beauty, the brand is venturing into a deeper dimension, to explore the essential nature that lies in every human being. The focus has shifted to design purity, elegant craftsmanship and the authentic expression of human nature through jewellery.


Giovanni Raspini's 2024 advertising campaign opens a new chapter in the history of a continuously evolving brand, where artisanality is not just an ancient craft but a form of contemporary art.

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