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The new fall winter 2021/22 collection

The new fall winter 2021/22 collection


| 29 September 2021

Beauty, strength for a new elegance. Creative and attention to detail are the distinctive elements of the proposals for the new Fall Winter 2021/2022 jewels collection.

Snake is the iconic collection for the next season. The mysterious, elegant and sensual allure of the snake dominates the collection with its burnished silver textures that envelop the body.

Nature is also a source of inspiration in the new Anemone Mini collection where movement and a sculptural quality blend well with burnished silver and natural pearls, to adorn and exalt the simple beauty.

The new proposals for the Chains collection are versatile and elegant: Superlight, Sienna and Soho. Fascinating and contemporary jewels to make every woman's style unique.

Excellence, identity and style for a new and contemporary beauty.

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