Sea waves crash and shine with new colours.
Blue, water green and all the precious light of silver.
Fiore d'Alba
Textures of burnished silver, the fragrance of Dawn Flower.
Light and fascinating forms that protect beauty. Forever.
Silver wings, precious matter that turns into light.
Butterflies is the perfect jewel, made for those who love freedom.
Canal St
Contemporary and minimalist elegance.
Wonderful effects of light framing your face.
Blue Note
Reflections of gold and deep blue.
At any time of day or night, for those who live intensely every moment.
Mercer St
Pure slivers of light.
A sincere glance at your most genuine dreams.
High Line
A silvery light that becomes matter, with the beauty of amethyst, sapphire and acquamarine colour.
A jewel borne out of an emotion. A luminous silver thread, lighter than our dreams. Precious as love.